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Vídeo-tutorial: cómo presentar una propuesta de licitación para ITER


Instalación  Oportunidad  Deadline
ITER Información ITER ??/??/2021
ITER REF 732: IO/20/OT/10020088/VML Prior Indicative Notice (PIN): CAD Quality Assurance (QA) Quality Check (QC) Activities 21/01/2021
ITER ITER F4E-OPE-0885 - Diamond Window Unit Prototypes 08/02/2021
ITER F4E-OPE-1145 - Supply of Error Field Correction Coils Power Supplies 28/01/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1115 - Provision of System, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Support-Conventional I&C 19/02/2021
ITER Market Survey in preparation of Call For Tender for ITER Neutral Beam Vacuum Vessels ??/??/2021
ITER REF 731 - IO/20/CFT/70000649/JLE - Framework Service Contract for “Development Support for ITER’s Integrated Modelling & Analysis Suite (IMAS) 31/01/2021
ITER ITER Plasma Control System for PFPO-1 Design 24/12/2020
ITER REF 727:Central Safety System (CSS) Support Services 21/01/2021
ITER Design and Construction of a laboratory building with overhead crane in CA6 24/12/2020
CERN MS-4652/EP/DT - Design, Supply and Installation of 2-Phase CO2 Transfer Lines 21/01/2021
ITER REF 726 - IO/20/CFT/19939/ADC - Magnet High Voltage Cubicles and Signal Conditioners 03/01/2021
ITER Market Survey Support to Owner II 04/12/2020
ITER REF 725 - Engineering for Design Development of the First Confinement Components of ITER Diagnostics 11/12/2021
ITER OPE-1138 - Market Survey on Standard Parts for First Wall assembly xx/xx/2021
ITER NEUTRAL BEAM - OMF-1108 - GYROTRONS Prior Information Notice Attachment 01/12/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1120 - Supply of Electron Cyclotron Upper Launchers and Ex-Vessel Waveguides of ITER 14/12/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1094 - Auditing Services for "cost plus fee" contracts 01/12/2020
ITER REF 724 - Call for Expertise IO/20/CFE/10020253/BBE - Project Integration of ITER Neutron Diagnostics 07/12/2020
ESO Call for Tender - Photonic spectrograph for astronomy 16/11/2020
ITER REF 723 - Call for Expertise IO/20/CFE/10019994/BBE - Spectroscopic Modelling consultancy 02/12/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1119 - Provision of Operational Support Services 30/11/2020
ITER REF 722 - Call for Expertise IO/20/CFE/10019849/BBE - Passive Spectroscopy Systems 20/11/2020
ITER REF 721 - Call for Expertise IO/20/CFE/10020010/INU - Consultancy on X-ray atomic emission modelling 27/11/2020
ITER REF 720 - Call for Expertise IO/20/CFE/19935/INU -Mechanical design of the Divertor Flow Monitor components in ISS and PCSS 25/11/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1106 - Support Services in the Fields of CE Marking and Regulatory Compliance 25/11/2020
ITER REF 718 y 719 : Call for Expertise IO/20/CFE/10020062/ADC & Call for Expertise IO/20/CFE/10020061/ADC 23/11/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1126 - New Survey for Diagnostics sub-systems 09/11/2020
ESO ESO Request for Information - Electronic Tendering System 20/10/2020
ITER REF 717 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 19870 INU - Mechanical engineering support for the disruption mitigation system design focusing on ex-vessel design 06/11/2020
ITER REF 716 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 19869 INU - Technical administration support for the disruption mitigation system design 06/11/2020
ITER REF 715 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 19868 INU - Mechanical engineering support for the disruption mitigation system design 06/11/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1099 - Tokamak Complex Doors Completion   02/11/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1124 - Supply of an Upgraded LEBT/RFQ interface   02/11/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1118 - Supply of ECRH Power Supplies   09/11/2020
ITER REF 714 - BALANCE OF PLANT (BOP) GROUP 3   22/10/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1084 - Neutron Irradiation Test of Bolometer-sensor and Glass to Metal Seal prototypes   26/10/2020
ITER REF 713 - Support and documentation of interfaces for diagnostics and equatorial port #08 and #17   20/10/2020
ITER REF 712 - IO 20 CFT 7-609 YMA - Network Hardware and Maintenance   06/10/2020
ESO RFI - elementos spticos para el PDS del ELT   21/09/2020
ITER REF 711 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 19725 INU - Electrical engineering support for diagnostic port integration   09/10/2020
CERN MS-4630/TE/HL/LHC - Supply of the Cryogenic Distribution Lines for the HL-LHC at Point 1 and Point 5   10/10/2020
ITER F4E-GRT-1103 - Completion of the design of equatorial wide angle viewing system (EP-WAVS) and post-design technical support   01/10/2020
ITER REF 710 - Centralized Procurement of Pipes & Fittings for the ITER Project   01/10/2020
CERN MS-4631 TE HL LHC -Supply of HL-LHC Helium Refrigerators at LHC Point 1 and Point 5   29/09/2020
ITER F4E - OPE-1117 - Supply of Error Field Correction Coils Power Supplies   16/10/2020
ITER F4E - OMF-1115 - Conventional Instrumentation and Control Support Services Market Survey  XX/XX/2020
ITER F4E - OMF-1116- Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Support Services Market Survey  XX/XX/2020
ITER F4E Market Surveys - Support Services to CE Marking & Regulatory compliance  XX/XX/2020
ITER F4E Market survey - EC Upper Launcher Assembly and Ex Vessel waveguides  XX/XX/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1078 - Check out and repair of the PSYS of RF modules at LIPAC   14/09/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1069 - Supply of beam loss detection with high sensitivity   30/09/2020
ITER REF 708 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 1001526 AKN - Lower Port Services Engineering   14/09/2020
ITER REF 707 - Call for Expertise IO20CFE10019436AKN - Support for the Building Integration   14/09/2020
ITER REF 706 - IO20CFT7-602ERA - Instrument and Control Support Services   11/09/2020
ITER REF 705 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 10019527 BBE - Neutronics analysis for H-alpha, CXRS Edge and Dust Monitor Diagnostics systems   03/09/2020
ITER REF 704 - IO 20 CFT 70000596 LLU - Prototyping, Manufacturing and Delivery of Dust Monitor System   26/08/2020
ITER REF 703 - IO 20 CFT 19411 ERA - Manufacturing design and procurement of COM PA-EB-EP subsystems   30/09/2020
ITER REF 702 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 10019487 AKN - Engineering Assessment of the Supports in the Building   29/08/2020
ITER REF 701: IO/20/CFT/7-581/YMA - Plant Simulator Platform   20/08/2020
CERN MS-4629/EN - Supply of engineering studies and drawings, the supply and installation of piping and its accessories for minor works at CERN   09/09/2020
CERN DO-32615/TE/HL/LHC - Supply of Cryogenic Valves for the HL-LHC IT String   25/08/2020
ITER REF 698 - Analysis that assists the diagnostic design and design of integrated ports   24/09/2020
ITER REF 697 - Call for Expertise DFW Design for integration of Equatorial Port Plug #8 and #17   24/08/2020
ITER REF 696 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 19409 JLE - Integration engineering support for the 55.E5 XRCS Core impacted by the DMS   24/08/2020
ITER Market Survey Divertor Cassette Body Pins, Sleeves, and Links   18/09/2020
ITER BUILDINGS: TB21 Market Survey Multi Trade Contracts For Services And Buildings Works   31/07/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1091 - Detailed engineering design in the area of WCLL Test Blanket Module (TBM) Ancillary Systems   31/08/2020
ITER REF 695 - High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) Units for ITER Ion Cyclotron System   03/08/2020
ESO ESO Price Inquiry - Machining of Standard Mechanical Parts - Frame Contract   24/07/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-0847 - Development and Delivery of Final Design for ITER Core Plasma Thomson Scattering system (CPTS), Charge-eXchange Recombination Spectrometer (CXRS) and Parts of the Bolometer Diagnostic   17/07/2020
ITER REF 693 - Call for Expertise IO/20/CFE/10019287/BBE - Specialist engineering work relating to In-Vessel Diagnostic systems   30/07/2020
ITER ITER BUILDINGS - TB21 Market Survey Multi Trade Contracts For Services And Buildings Works   17/07/2020
ITER F4E-OFC-1087 - Provision of Bespoke Electronic Integration and Manufacturing Services   10/08/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1055 - Final Design and Supply of In-Divertor Electrical Services (IDES) and Supply of In-Vessel Supports (IVS) for Mineral Insulated (MI) Cabling for ITER Diagnostics System   04/09/2020
ITER REF 692 - Building 50's grouting and related works   16/07/2020
CERN DO-32633/EN - Supply of lightweight robotic manipulators   20/07/2020
ITER REF 691 - Magnetic Diagnostics and Electrical Services preparation and installation   20/07/2020
ITER REF 690 - Data archiving and data handling system   09/07/2020
ITER REF 689 - Engineering support for DMS and diagnostics integration in equatorial ports #08 AND #17   10/07/2020
ITER REF 688 - Supply of the cables for the plant systems in the Tokamak Complex of the ITER facility   08/07/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1092 - Supply of the helium leak localization system for ITER   06/07/2020
ITER REF 687 - Remote refurbishment of diagnostic integrated ports and tenants   13/07/2020
ITER REF 686: Vacuum Vessel In-Service Inspection. Work Package WP4. Design and Procurement of Acoustic Emission System for Three Upper Ports   09/07/2020
ITER REF 685 - Call for Expertise IO/20/CFE/10019163/KJT - Electrical Engineering support for diagnostic port integration   10/07/2020
ITER REF 680 Commissioning and daily inspections of scaffoldings structures   22/07/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1070 - Proof of the TBM-sets fabrication and assembly processes feasibility   31/08/2020
ITER REF 684 In-vessel Diagnostics finalisation and implementation   03/07/2020
ITER REF 683 Mechanical design plan integration components   03/07/2020
ITER ITER Market Surveys - Auditing services, Operational Support Services   06/2020
ITER DIAGNOSTICS: [OMF-0847] Design for ITER CPTS, CXRS, and Parts of Bolometer   ??/06/2020
ITER BUILDINGS: [OPE-1099] TB20 Nuclear Doors- Prior Information Notice   ??/06/2020
ITER MANIFOLD -OMF-1080- Prior Information Notice   Q4/2020
CERN MS-4618/TE/HL/LHC - Supply of Instrumentation Feedthrough Cover Flanges for the HL-LHC IR Cryomagnets   25/06/2020
SKA Square Kilometre Array - RFQ Subreflector   09/06/2020
ITER REF 681 - Supply and Installation of a lightweight temporary warehouse (B73.3)   16/06/2020
ITER F4E: Small value contract for Welded Support Design Development Activities   29/05/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1062 - Supply of Cryopumps for JT-60SA   18/06/2020
ITER CODAC OFC-1087 Bespoke Electronics manufacturing   ??/06/2020
CERN DO-32565/EP/DT - Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of a programmable climatic chamber with temperature and humidity control   11/06/2020
ITER Oportunidades F4E   -
ITER Supply and Installation of Water Testing Laboratory   29/05/2020
ITER REF 678 - Erosion Deposition Monitor - PDR, FDR and Manufacturing   11/06/2020
ITER REF 677 - CAD for Port Plug Drawings Building Intergaces and In-Vessel Components   15/06/2020
CERN DO-32577/EN/FRESCA2 - Supply of Fresca2 Facility Outer Vacuum Vessel   04/06/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1082 - Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing of Materials and Mock-ups at room and elevated temperatures   16/06/2020
ITER REF 676 - CAD and engineering support of in-vessel and ex-vessel diagnostics   05/06/2020
ITER REF 675 - IO/20/CFN/19022/ACS - In-Vessel Edge Local Mode Coils and Feeders (ELM-IVDF) Prototyping and Tooling Manufacturing   27/05/2020
ITER REF 674 - IO/20/CFT/7-0563/JPK - Framework Service Contract Engineering Support to the ITER Organization for the ITER Fuel Cycle   04/06/2020
ITER NUCLEAR SAFETY - OPE-1059 Provision of Nuclear Safety Inspections Support   06/05/2020
ITER REF 672 CODAC Core System User Support Services   21/05/2020
ITER REF 671 Human and Organizational Factor of Equatorial Ports #8 and #17   29/05/2020
ITER REF 670 Maintenance of port-based diagnostic systems   15/05/2020
ITER REF 669 Procurement of two Water Decay Tanks   21/05/2020
ITER REF 668 - Supply Contract for Procurement of Lot 5 Control Valves   11/05/2020
ITER F4E-AMF-1066 Provision of 3D rendering services to Fusion for Energy   28/04/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1019 - Supply of CuCrZr plates for the BFW Series   07/05/2020
ITER F4E-OFC-1063 - Handling, cutting and storage services for steel products related to the European test blanket modules   07/05/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1056 - Design, procurement, installation, test and commissioning of the Radiological Environmental Monitoring System (REMS) for the ITER First Plasma   27/04/2020
ITER REF 667- Engineering and Supply Framework Contract for Density Interferometer Polarimeter (DIP) FDR and up to SAT   23/04/2020
ITER REF 666- Service framework contract for diagnostic infrastructure development and engineering services   22/04/2020
ITER REF 665 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 10018755 BBE - Detail design of Quartz and Sapphire windows   20/04/2020
ITER REF 664- Engineering Support for 4D planning, preparation and documentation for the site assembly of Tokamak components in Worksite 1 - Senior Mechanical Engineer   15/04/2020
ITER REF 663: Engineering Support for 4D planning, preparation and documentation for the site assembly   15/04/2020
ITER ITER Diagnostics - market survey CPTS just published   15/04/2020
ITER REF 662 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 10018690 BBE - Nuclear Engineering expertise for the Port Plug test Facility (PPTF)   13/04/2020
CERN MS-4591 EP CMS - Supply of Silicon Photomultipliers for the Phase-2 Upgrade of the CMS detector   08/04/2020
ITER Market Survey - Hot Helium Leak Tests of components with beryllium [OFC-1074]   30/03/2020
ESO Diseño preliminar del EST   23/04/2020
ITER REF 661 - IO/19/CFN/18685/JPA - Design and manufacturing of the VV PHTS and Drying System FILTERS   17/04/2020
ITER REF 660 - IO/20/CFT/7-497/LLU - Supply of Components, Prototypes, and Tests for ITER Diagnostic Systems   03/04/2020
ITER REF 659 - IO 20 CFT 10018657 - Procurement of First Plasma Protection Components   22/03/2020
ITER F4E-OMF-1058 - CAD Design Support Services   17/04/2020
ITER REF 658 IO 20 CFT 18653 JPK - Procurement of Optical Fiber Feedthroughs   18/03/2020
ITER F4E-OPE-1061 - Supply of Polychromators for JT-60SA   26/03/2020
ESO Testing of VL T-ELT and ALMA Dataflow software   28/02/2020
ITER Call for Expertise - Thermal Shield flow and thermal analysis update   13/03/2020
ITER REF 656 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 10018635 MBA - Senior Engineer for TF Structure and Coil Manufacture Follow-up   13/03/2020
CERN MS-4532 EN - Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of an X-ray Diffractometer   10/03/2020
ITER REF 655 Provision of Construction and Vacuum Engineering Support to the ITER Project   28/02/2020
ITER REF 654 - Call for Expertise IO 20 CFE 10018509 YMA - Project Manager for the Implementation of a New E-Procurement System     03/03/2020
CERN Upcoming market surveys and industry day - cooling transfer lines   28/02/2020
ITER REF 651 - IO 19 CFT 70000527 JLE - Support Laboratory for the Disruption Mitigation System   18/02/2020



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