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Vídeo-tutorial: cómo presentar una propuesta de licitación para ITER

Guía: Documento con instrucciones de INDUCIENCIA para licitar en ITER



Instalación  Oportunidad  Deadline
ITER REF 793: Call for Expertise Analysis that assists the diagnostic designs and requirements 18/10/2021
EST LIC-21-06: diseño preliminar del sistema de diafragma de campo con supresión de calor por reflexión para el EST 14/10/2021
CERN DO-33041/HR: Provision and Support of an e-learning  23/09/2021
ITER MS IO/MSY/21/PPD/LLU: Thermal and radiation hardness adaptation, supply and qualification of Port Plug accelerometers 15/09/2021
ITER REF 791: IO/21/CFT/70000736/ABN - Framework Contract to Supply Various Complex Penetrations 28/09/2021
ESO CFT - Consultancy Service supporting the Integrated Operations Programme 17/09/2021
ITER IO 21 CFE 10021928 INU: Call for Expertise: Interface & documentation support for the disruption mitigation system design 01/10/2021
ITER REF 790: Call for Expertise Blanket Remote Handling Assembly Synergy 22/09/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1139: Series Production of the ITER Divertor Inner Vertical Target 23/09/2021
ITER F4E-OFC-1167: Maintenance of The Radio Frequency Power System of LIPAc and the Magnet Power Supply System of JT-60SA 28/10/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1156: for Support services for the Requirements Management & Verification infrastructure at F4E ??/??/2021
ITER F4E-OPE-1180: Vacuum Vessels &Passive Magnetic Shield- Ferromagnetic Plates needed ??/09/2021
ITER REF 788: Development of interfaces, mechanical design and compact EM shutter for 55.GE 14/09/2021
ITER REF 785: IO/21/OT/10021777/JLEPrior Indicative Notice (PIN): Development of a DMS Fast Shutter Prototype 13/08/2021
ITER REF 787: IO/21/CFT/70000724/LLU - Tools for Port Handling 24/09/2021
ITER REF 786: IO/21/CT/21857/ACS - In-Vessel Diagnostic Installation 09/09/2021
ITER REF 784: IO/21/CFT/70000726/JLE - Prototype Design, Development and Testing for the ITER Disruption Mitigation System 30/08/2021
ITER REF 783: IO/21/CFT/70000722/EBT - PLM Engineering support 24/08/2021
ITER REF 782: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10021792/ERA - Magnetics diagnostics I&C integration support 26/08/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1126 - Manufacturing and Supply of Diagnostics Components  24/09/2021
ILL Sourcing request 21-76 : Project management assistance for fire & electrical projects 06/08/2021
ILL REF 775: Call for Expertise - Electrical Services and Magnetic Diagnostics Preparation and Installation 05/08/2021
ITER REF 781: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10021674/CPT - In-Vessel Electrical Services Installation Preparation Verification 01/09/2021
ITER REF 780: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10021682/INU - Diagnostic Coordination support to design update of optical diagnostics located in equatorial port 20/08/2021
ITER REF 779: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10021663/CPT - Cryostat Feedthroughs Design Finalisation & Diagnostic Systems Installation Preparation 17/08/2021
ITER REF 778: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10021672/BBE - Diagnostic development and coordination 17/08/2021
ITER REF 777: In-Vessel Clamps and Marshalling Area Connectors Manufacturing 01/08/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1159 - Provision of Engineering Support Services 23/08/2021
CERN MS-4706/SCE -  Supply of CAD Workstations 06/09/2021
CERN MS-4666/EN/HL/LHC - Supply and Installation of Motorized Shielded Doors  12/08/2021
ITER REF 775: Call for Expertise - Electrical Services and Magnetic Diagnostics Preparation and Installation 13/08/2021
ESRF CFT-003099 (ID14 - Partition and ceiling) 09/07/2021
ESRF CFT-003098 (ID14 - Steel frame) 09/07/2021
ITER REF 774 : Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10021249/INU - Update of interfaces and opto-mechanical layout of in-vessel lighting 55.GL 23/07/2021
ITER REF 773: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10021372/INU - Mechanical engineering support for diagnostics Equatorial Port #08 and #17 integration and port systems development 23/07/2021
ITER REF 772: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10021343/INU - Remote refurbishment of diagnostic integrated ports and tenants 23/07/2021
ITER REF 771: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10021344/INU - Maintenance of port-based diagnostic systems with DMS 23/07/2021
ITER ITER - F4E-OMF-1127 - Systems Engineering Support Services 11/08/2021
ITER F4E-AFC-1155 - Provision of Software Acquisition Channel (SACHA IV) to Fusion for Energy (F4E)  05/07/2021
ITER REF 767: IO/21/OT/70000713/EBT - Engineering Services for HELB assessment and design activities 29/06/2021
ITER REF 770: IO/21/CFT/70000705/LLU - Manufacturing and Integration of IO In-Port Plug Components for EPP 8 & 17 and for UPP 4, 5 & 6 08/07/2021
ITER REF 769: IO/21/CFT/70000704/LLU - Supply of Materials, Manufacturing, Assembly and Integration for Inter-Space Support and Port Cells Support Structures of IO Ports 07/07/2021
ITER REF 768 - IO/21/CFT/10021539/JGO - Supply Contract for TCWS Expansion Joint Assemblies at L3 Upper Pipe Chase 06/07/2021
ITER Organization Market Survey ref. IO/MSY/21/MTT/PMT Attachment“Multi-Spindle Tools for tightening M110/M80 superbolts® for ITER Toroidal Field Pre-Compression Ring installation”  21/06/2021
ITER F4E-AFC-1163 - Chairperson of the panel of Adjudicators - Provision of Adjudication Services in relation to Disputes arising under the Buildings Contracts 07/07/2021
ITER REF 736:onstruction Site Cleaning Services 30/06/2021
ITER Market Survey and Call For Tender on Neutral Beam assembly specific toolings ??/??/2021
ITER REF 763 - IO/21/CFT/7-695/ERA CODAC Operation Application Engineering Services 18/06/2021
ITER REF 761: Passive vacuum nuclear safety pressure switches 02/06/2021
ITER REF 762: Lower penetration pipes and support manufacturing 17/06/2021
CERN DO-32951/SIS/LT- Provision of digitization services of a paper collection 24/06/2021
CERN MS-4688/SCE - Supply of Power Distribution Units 250V for 19-inch rack 18/06/2021
ITER Project References F4E-OPE-1149- Patnership opportunity ASAP
CERN MS-4587/EN - Integration Studies, Technical Design and Engineering Services on CERN Site 16/06/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1107 - Electrical and Mechanical Works for the Tokamak Complex and Surrounding Buildings 11/06/2021
ESO Call for Tender - Retrofit of Garching Large Integration Hall 31/05/2021
ESRF CFT-003092 - reliminary studies for the Construction of a new Data center facilities – Selection of a technical design office 27/05/2021
ITER ITER Market Survey ref. IO/MSY/21/PCR/PMT 17/05/2021
ITER REF 760: IO/21/CFT/70000690/LIY 27/05/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1153 - Mechanical Analyses of ITER Components 17/06/2021
ESO Call for Tender - Handling Tool for the ELT M2/M3 mirrors 17/05/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1110 - Support Services in Nuclear Safety 07/06/2021
ITER Market Survey "REMS Monitors Qualification" ??/??/2021
ITER IO-RFI on Global Maintenance Services Contract 11/05/2021
CERN MS-4662/SCE/FCC - Provision of Civil Engineering Consultancy Services for the High-Risk Areas Site Investigations for the Future Circular Collider Study in France and Switzerland 28/05/2021
ITER REF 759: Development and Supply of High RF Power Coaxial MI Cable Terminated with RF Connector 24/05/2021
CERN MS-4686/EP/CMS - Supply of Servers optimized for data processing and hosting GPU(s) selected by CMS 31/05/2021
ITER F4E- Market Survey in preparation of Call For Tender OPE-1181 for Semi-rigid Cables ??/??/2021
ITER F4E-MS-CFT OPE-1174 for the Neutral Beam cryolines, cryojumpers, and Johnston Couplings ??/??/2021
ITER F4E-CFTS-TB21 (OMF-1107) & -TB22 (OMF-1168) ??/??/2021
ITER REF 758 - Electrical works and lightning 10/05/2021
ITER REF 757 - Project Management Services for IO Project Controls Office 24/05/2021
ITER F4E-AMF-1162 - Provision of CORA Sequence related ICT Development Services on Time & Means Basis 19/05/2021
ITER F4E-AMF-1161 - Provision of SAP Business Objects/Business Intelligence related ICT Development Services on Time & Means Basis 18/05/2021
ITER F4E-AMF-1122 - Provision of ICT Development Services on Time & Means Basis 18/05/2021
ITER REF 756 - Irradiation, testing and qualification of ITER Diagnostic Windows 11/05/2021
ITER Market Survey for Cassette Frames of JT60SA Divertors ??/??/2021
ITER Market Survey for Divertor Normal Heat Flux elements of JT60SA Divertors ??/??/2021
ITER REF 755 - Call for Expertise IO 21 CFE 10021097 INU - Mechanical engineering support for the disruption mitigation system design 14/05/2021
ITER F4E-OPE-1149 - Supply of JT-60SA HHF Elements 11/05/2021
ESO Request for Information - Chiller at Paranal Observatory 20/04/2021
ITER REF 753: Service Contract for Mechanical Engineering Services of TCWS EWP production 02/05/2021
ITER F4E-OFC-1133 - Engineering support services for Broader Approach 10/05/2021
ITER F4E-OPE-1102 - Supply of Centrifuge & Guide Tube for JT-60SA 07/05/2021
ITER F4E-OPE-1137 - Provision of Engineering and Construction Consultancy Services 05/05/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1147 - Project Management Systems Support 28/04/2021
ITER REF 751 - Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10020906/BBE - Nuclear Engineering Expertise for the Port Plug test Facility (PPTF) 16/04/2021
ITER REF 750 - IO/21/OT/20963/CRI - Prior Indicative Notice (PIN): Supply, installation and maintenance/repairs of floor protection in B11 of the Tokamak 31/03/2021
ITER REF 749: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10020615/CPT - Expert Support for 55.G8 Erosion Deposition Monitor 10/04/2021
ITER GRT-1146 - Completion of the design of equatorial wide angle viewing system (EP-WAVS) in EP12 and post-design technical support 02/04/2021
ITER REF 748 - Thermal Insulation for Cryostat Bellows Interface with Tokamak Building 23/03/2021
ITER REF 747 - IO/21/CFN/10020701/DAL - Final Design and Procurement of Divertor Operational Instrumentation Remote Handling Connectors 16/03/2021
ITER REF 745 - IO/21/OT/19477/ADCPrior Indicative Notice (PIN) - IVC Electrical Insulating Breaks Qualification and Production 05/03/2021
ITER REF 744 – IO/21/CFT/70000667/LLU - Diagnostic Electrical Services Implementation 11/03/2021
ITER REF 746: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10020665/CPT - Specialist work relating to Thomson Scattering Oversight 26/03/2021
ITER REF 743 - Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10020594/CPT - Project Integration of 55 BT Neutron Facility and Neutron diagnostics 16/03/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1108 - Joint Procurement F4E-DTT for RF Sources 10/03/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1142 - Provision of support services in the area of nuclear safety and engineering for the ITER EC Launchers 23/03/2021
ITER REF 739 - Framework Contract for Supply of Level Switches (Lot 3) - Framework Contract for Supply of Level Switches (Lot 3) 09/03/2021
ITER REF 738 - IO 21 CFT 70000659 JGO - Framework Contract for Supply of Pressure-Based Measurements (Lot 2) 08/03/2021
ITER REF 737 - IO 21 CFT 70000658 JGO - Framework Contract for Supply of Flow Measurements (Lot 1) 08/03/2021
ITER REF 740: IO/21/CFT/70000661/JGO) - Framework Contract for Supply of Temperature Measurements (Lot 4) 08/03/2021
ITER REF 741: IO/21/CFT/70000662/JGO - Framework Contract for Supply of Humidity and Oxygen Concentration Measurements (Lot 5) 08/03/2021
ITER REF 742: IO/21/CFT/70000663/JGO - Framework Contract for Supply of I&C Mechanical Components (Lot 6) 08/03/2021
ITER REF 736: IO/21/CFT/70000657/IDE - Framework Supply Contract for Thermal Insulation for Cooling Water System piping 01/03/2021
ITER OMF-1137 Support to the Owner II- Partnership N/D
ITER REF 735: Call for Expertise Diagnostic Interface Engineer 08/03/2021
ITER Infoday CFT OMF-1126 - Supply, Manufacturing, and Assembly of ITER Diagnostics components 19/02/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1116 - Provision of Nuclear Safety I&C Consultancy, Design and Qualification Services 19/03/2021
ITER REF 734 - IO 21 CFT 70000626 - INU Framework Service Contract for Support of Port Integration Engineering 25/02/2021
ITER Market Surveys on JT60SA Centrifuge and HHF Targets ??/??/2021
ITER REF 733 - IO 21 CFT 70000654 JGO - Framework Contract for Supply of LV Electrical Cubicles for TCWS 1st Plasma 18/02/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1080 - Procurement of the ITER Blanket Cooling Manifold 08/02/2021
ITER REF 733 Design and Construction of a laboratory building with overhead crane in CA6 19/02/2021
ITER Información ITER ??/??/2021
ITER REF 732: IO/20/OT/10020088/VML Prior Indicative Notice (PIN): CAD Quality Assurance (QA) Quality Check (QC) Activities 21/01/2021
ITER ITER F4E-OPE-0885 - Diamond Window Unit Prototypes 08/02/2021
ITER F4E-OPE-1145 - Supply of Error Field Correction Coils Power Supplies 28/01/2021
ITER F4E-OMF-1115 - Provision of System, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Support-Conventional I&C 19/02/2021
ITER Market Survey in preparation of Call For Tender for ITER Neutral Beam Vacuum Vessels ??/??/2021
ITER REF 731 - IO/20/CFT/70000649/JLE - Framework Service Contract for “Development Support for ITER’s Integrated Modelling & Analysis Suite (IMAS) 31/01/2021
ITER ITER Plasma Control System for PFPO-1 Design 24/12/2020
ITER REF 727:Central Safety System (CSS) Support Services 21/01/2021
ITER Design and Construction of a laboratory building with overhead crane in CA6 24/12/2020
CERN MS-4652/EP/DT - Design, Supply and Installation of 2-Phase CO2 Transfer Lines 21/01/2021
ITER REF 726 - IO/20/CFT/19939/ADC - Magnet High Voltage Cubicles and Signal Conditioners 03/01/2021
ITER Market Survey Support to Owner II 04/12/2020
ITER REF 725 - Engineering for Design Development of the First Confinement Components of ITER Diagnostics 11/12/2021
ITER OPE-1138 - Market Survey on Standard Parts for First Wall assembly xx/xx/2021


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